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Want to build a better boat and have more fun?

Truebuild Yachts provides value enhancing professional services to yacht buyers and yacht builders around the globe. Truebuild Yachts is not associated with a particular brand of yacht and is available to add value to any yacht project, be it sail or power, production or custom.  Truebuild Yachts recently initiated a quest to find radical new ways to increase value for boat buyers and boat builders.  One of those radical new ways is the launching of a "Best Yachts" initiative.

Yacht Buyer Advocacy Services

Truebuild Yachts provides professional consulting services to buyers of new production or custom yachts with the goal of building a boat that closely aligns with each buyer's vision, while reducing total quality cost and increasing each buyer's enjoyment of the process. This is achieved by applying deliberate process developed over decades of experience to enhance the effectiveness of the purchase, build and delivery process in a respectful manner that keeps the yacht buyer closely informed.  See What Boat Buyers Say

New Yacht Buyer Value = (Purchase/Build Experience + Ownership Experience) - ((Purchase Price + Operating Costs) - Resale Price)

Yacht Builder Consultancy

Truebuild Yachts provides professional consulting services to builders of new yachts in the areas of lean manufacturing, operations, risk management and special projects in a manner that creates a durable return on the investment.  See What Boat Builders Say.

New Yacht Builder Value = (Gross Profit + Brand Enhancement) - ( Sales Costs + Buyer Interface Costs)

Current Initiatives & Recent Projects

Radical New Ways to Increase Value for Buyers and Builders of New Yachts

"Best Yacht"  Projects

General Management and Product Development: