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Yacht Buyer Advocacy Mission Statement

Truebuild Yacht's Buyer Advocacy Services' mission is to provide buyers of new yachts with professional consulting services that add value to each yacht while enhancing each buyer's enjoyment of the acquisition, build and ownership experience through reliable achievement of the buyers vision and confidence inspiring real time feedback as to the actual status of the yacht relative to expectation.

Yacht Buyer Advocacy Services

Truebuild Yacht's Buyer Advocacy serves buyers of new production, semi-custom or custom yachts, sail or power.

Building a new yacht is a time consuming and highly demanding endeavor for yacht buyers who have a clear vision of the outcomes they want owing to the complex nature of today’s yachts. Accurately realizing each buyer’s vision for a new yacht is a detailed process that requires diligence, boat building experience, marine risk management knowledge and effective organizational skills.

Truebuild Yachts Buyer Advocacy adds value to each yacht by ensuring the purchase contract is properly crafted, the “as built” boat matches the buyer’s expectations, each boat is delivered with fewer initial defects and systems are fitted in a manner that reduces total cost of ownership.

Lower cost of ownership means fewer problems and a more enjoyable ownership experience.

Yacht buyers may employ all of Yacht Buyer Advocacy services or any portion of the available services.