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Coastal Voyaging Motor Yacht 40 - Displacement Hull

Designer:  Tad Roberts

The mission of the "Best Coastal Voyaging Motor Yacht Under 40 Feet, Displacement Hull" (BCVMY4D) project is to create a boat to safely and reliably cruise coastal waters while being dimensionally configured for the Great Loop in North America, while providing comfortable accommodations for a couple and occasional short term guests. 

This yacht is to deliver exceptional value to buyers through innovation in concept development, design, engineering, builder selection, equipment sourcing, sales process, delivery process, commissioning process, maintenance process, after sales service process and best practices that are not constrained by legacy ideas.

Design and Build Considerations

The BCVMY40P group agreed the boat will have a displacement hull that yields a hull speed of around 8 knots (9 mph) so it can be operated with great fuel efficiency by boaters that enjoy the voyage as much as the destination.  Preliminary specs are Max. Length 40 Ft, LWL 37 Ft, Bmax 14 Ft, Bdwl 12 Ft, Displ (tbd).  Fuel capacity will provide for a 1200 nautical mile range with 10% of fuel remaining in reserve. The BCVMY40D will be built to CE Category B offshore seaworthiness, ABYC and CE standards.  The BCVMY40D will be offered standard with a basic and well founded feature set with buyer customization embraced.  Buyers can add features, equipment, machinery and tailor the decor to their liking.  Customization will be handled in a unique "open book" pricing and decision making model that allows for highly informed buyer involvement throughout the process.


The BCVMY40D group has endorsed a layout geared toward a couple as the primary crew with accommodations for occasional short term overnight guests.

Participate in the "BCVMY40D" Project

If you would like to participate in the design, specifications and build of the "Best Coastal Voyaging Motor Yacht Under 40 Feet, Displacement Hull" project please visit the discussion group on  Yahoo.  Everyone is welcome and all ideas are encouraged in the quest for finding new ways to radically improve value for boat buyers and boat builders.  Updates are also available on Facebook.

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