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Best Coastal Voyaging Motor Yacht Under 40 Feet - Planing Hull

Designer :  Tad Roberts

The mission of the "Best Coastal Voyaging Motor Yacht Under 40 Feet, Planing Hull" project, (BCVMY40P) is to create a boat to safely and reliably cruise coastal waters while being dimensionally configured for the Great Loop in North America, while providing comfortable accommodations for a couple and occasional short term guests. 

   BVCMY40P shown with optional Flybridge

This yacht is to deliver exceptional value to buyers through innovation in concept development, design, engineering, builder selection, equipment sourcing, sales process, delivery process, commissioning process, maintenance process, after sales service process and best practices that are not constrained by legacy ideas.

Design and Build Considerations

The BCVMY40P group agreed the boat should have a top speed of 17 knots (19 mph) while striving for a "sweet spot" cruise in the vicinity of 12 knots (14 mph).  This speed range was selected to promote fuel efficiency while increasing the range covered by a "day" of voyaging.

Max. Length 40 Ft, LWL 37 Ft, Bmax 14 Ft, Bdwl 12 Ft, Displ 21,000 lbs*

Fuel economy is a priority in the  skilled design of the hull, structural engineering, power train selection, and weight control during construction.  The BCVMY40P will be built using advanced composite techniques and materials proven to provide superior toughness and durability while minimizing weight. 

The BCVMY40P is being built to CE Category B offshore, ABYC, CE standards.

The BCVMY40P will be offered as standard with a basic and well founded feature set.  Buyer customization is embraced.  Buyers can add features, equipment, machinery and tailor the decor to their liking.  Customization will be handled in an "open book" pricing and decision making model that allows for highly informed buyer involvement throughout the process.

Designer Tad Roberts comments:

"The BCVMY project is unique in that this design has been shaped right from the beginning by direct input from the owners group.  Usually a designer is working for one person with their particular experience and requirements.  In this case we have an active group of perhaps 10 folks, some with extensive experience in a number of different previous yachts.  The synthesis of all this input is a fine balance…but several factors soon overrode all other considerations.

The primary motivation for the BCVMY project is the establishing of value through building the design owner’s really want, at a price that they understand and approve of.  Quality and safety, sea keeping, comfort, ease of maintenance, and economical operation all became important factors in shaping the design.  While the speed, length, and anticipated weight drove much of the hull design, economics and usability override the temptation to add tricky features to the deck and interior.  Spaciousness through simplicity might be a guiding factor. 

The initial layout is intended for long term use by a couple, with space for occasional guests.  The rather large forward stateroom and split head could easily be re-configured to create two double cabins with a shared head.  The deckhouse and cockpit are all on one level and offer multiple arrangement possibilities for day living in a bright space with 360 degree visibility.  An optional flying bridge with outside staircase is anticipated."

Tad Roberts               

About Tad Roberts

Growing up in a family of boatbuilders, architect/builders, artists, and sailors, it was only natural that I should start drawing boats at a young age. I began professional practice 28 years ago in 1982 in Victoria, BC.  In 1987 I moved to Boothbay, Maine and joined the office of Bruce King.  Over the next 14 years I became principal designer; working on a diverse range of projects including the creation of large custom sailing yachts Sophie, Alejandra, Hetairos, Antonisa, Cecile Marie, and Scheherazade. I also successfully widened the practice to include powerboats, which BKYD had not previously produced: Under my direction the design office produced several spectacular successes including Liberty, the Talaria 40 and Talaria 44, and the Hinckley Picnic Boat.  A number of these yachts became design icons, with the Picnic Boat being judged by Yachting Magazine as one of the 10 Best Boats of All Time.

In 2001 I returned to coastal BC and opened my own studio on Gabriola Island.  Here I have continued to develop modern boats; both power and sail, with strong ties to traditional styling values.  Current projects run from a 17’6” wooden daysailer to a 98’ aluminum hydrographic survey vessel.     

 * All specs are approximate and subject to change


The BCVMY40P group has endorsed a layout geared toward a couple as the primary crew with accommodations for occasional short term overnight guests.

Participate in the "BCVMY40P" Project

If you would like to participate in the design, specifications and build of the "Best Coastal Voyaging Motor Yacht Under 40 Feet Project" please visit the discussion group on  Yahoo.  Everyone is welcome and all ideas are encouraged in the quest for finding new ways to radically improve value for boat buyers and boat builders.  Updates are also available on Facebook.

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