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"Best Yacht" Projects

Best Trailerable Cruising YachtWant to build a better boat and have more fun?

A group recently formed on Yahoo to discuss the Best Trailerable Cruising Yacht as one of Truebuild Yacht's "Best Yacht" projects.   This promises to be an interesting discussion as the initial concept is an Ultra Light Displacement 50+ footer weighing less than 5000 pounds.

Designer, Tad Roberts, offers his initial reaction with a sketch below of a 40 foot version.

Design and Build Considerations

The BTCY group just formed, so this information is the suggestion of one member so far.  The goal is extreme fuel efficiency, live ability, mobility, simplicity, reliability and low cost of ownership.  This implies a long, narrow and very light weight boat.  The initial suggested dimension are Max. Length 53 Ft, Bmax 8.5 Ft, Displ "ULDB" and Max height above ground on trailer of 12 feet..

As of now, the primary design and engineering goal will be maximizing nautical miles per gallon of fuel.


The BTCY is suggested to have a 10 foot cockpit, 6 to 8 foot galley (port and starboard), 10 foot pilothouse on the same level.  Step down 3 feet to the stateroom.   A single double berth will be located on centerline with space to walk around for comfort and making the bed.  Large "hatches" in the hull side will provide enjoyment of the views.

The interior will be very simple to minimize cost and save weight.

Participate in the "BTCY" Project Discussion

If you would like to participate in the design, specifications and build of the "Best Trailerable Cruising Yacht" project please visit the discussion group on  Yahoo.  Everyone is welcome and all ideas are encouraged in the quest for finding new ways to radically improve value for boat buyers and boat builders.  Updates are also available on Facebook.

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