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"Best Yacht" Projects

The "Best Yacht" project concept is inspired by Truebuild Yacht's quest to find radical new ways to simultaneously increase value for boat buyers and boat builders.  Truebuild Yachts  hosts yacht design discussions to develop new boats that people can not find in the market today.  Discussions regarding specific boat missions start with a suggestion from a prospective buyer.  If the design, as shaped by the group, attracts a sufficient number of like minded buyers, then Truebuild Yachts will add its expertise to get the boat built.

Delivering Radical Value

Truebuild Yachts enables the creation of radical value by employing its processes to eliminate waste in the development, build, and service phases, hosts discussion forums specific to each "Best Yacht" in a manner that generates demand, while minimizing marketing expenses, matches the "best" designer / builder with the project, and interfaces with buyers in a cost minimizing and high value fashion.  

The net effect is radical value.

The price goal for a "Best Yacht" is to have a price as close to material plus labor costs as possible owing to a lean process that minimizes development expense, build overhead expense, administrative expense, marketing expense and sales expense.

Current "Best Yacht" Project Links

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