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Finding Radical New Ways to Increase Value for Boat Buyers and Boat Builders

Want to build a better boat and have more fun?

Truebuild Yachts recently began a quest to find radical new ways to create great value for boat buyers and boat builders as a way to increase the value of our own services.  Read our blog, Truebuild Yachts - Radical Ways to Increase Value for Yacht Buyers and Yacht Builders for our thoughts on why radical new ways are needed and what can be done to radically increase value.

Great Value for Buyers

A yacht buyer's value calculation is personal based on the "value" assigned to the Purchase/Build Experience,  Ownership Experience, Purchase Price, Operating Costs and Resale Price.   The purchase/build experience can be a brief one or a lengthy one depending on whether the boat already exists or if it is being built from scratch.   Buyers and builders must be aligned in expectations and capability from the outset to achieve the best outcome in the most enjoyable manner.  The ownership experience is determined by how well the boat delivers on the buyer's functional expectations, pride of ownership, after sales service, and ongoing relationship with the builder.  For any given yacht, lowering the sales price will increase value for the buyer.  Certain operating costs, such as fuel consumption and exterior wood maintenance, are largely effected by design.  However, many operating costs are effected by the effectiveness of the construction methods, equipment selection, system design and accessibility of machinery for maintenance.   Resale value is a function of many factors.  It is more easily predicted on established yacht brands and less predictable on unique custom projects.

New Yacht Buyer Value = (Purchase/Build Experience + Ownership Experience) - ((Purchase Price + Operating Costs) - Resale Price)

Great Value for Builders

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New Yacht Builder Value = (Gross Profit + Brand Enhancement) - ( Sales Costs + Buyer Interface Costs)

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